Jeff Probst (source: People)

November 4 is Jeff Probst’s birthday.

I’m a huge “Survivor” fan. For me, a terrible season of “Survivor” is still ten-times better than anything else on television.

I like Jeff Probst, too — for the most part. I enjoy the way he gets people talking at tribal council, but I can understand why he has his detractors. I regularly visit the fan forums at “Previously TV” where the people who post there have made the phrase “Shut up, Probst!” into a running joke. The gag first came up because of Probst’s narration of the challenges on “Survivor,” where he seems to provide a tongue bath to most of the alpha male-type competitors while simultaneously belittling the other contestants, especially the women these young studs humiliate with their athletic prowess.

I looked at his natal chart to see if there was anything that I would describe as misogynistic. Unfortunately, three of the factors that could shed light on this topic are impossible to ascertain without a birth time: the placement of the moon, the placement of Mercury, and the rising sign/house positions.

So I guess Jeff Probst is off the hook — at least for now. Maybe my dream of going on “Survivor” one day will come true and I will be able to ask him his birth time myself. First, I’m going to need to marry a US citizen to become a permanent resident. Feel free to apply via the comments section.

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