Julie Payette (source: CBC)

This is Julie Payette, the Governor General of Canada. This past Wednesday, Payette spoke at the ninth annual Canadian Science Policy Convention in Ottawa, where she elicited giggles from the audience when she suggested that some individuals still believe that “every single one of the people here’s personalities can be determined by looking at planets coming in front of invented constellations.”

Of course, that’s the sort of passive/aggressive bullshit I would expect from a effing Libra with Mars in Scorpio. What a bitch!

I’m kidding, of course. Actually, the funny thing is that Payette and my older sister are born one day apart. I see that they share the same fashion sense and aversion to cosmetics. If that doesn’t prove that astrology really works, I don’t know what will.

Payette was an astronaut before she was chosen to represent the Government of Canada in this ceremonial position. I respect her credentials. I also have tremendous amount of respect for individuals in government positions who behave in a respectful manner. I also believe in the separation of church and state with every fiber of my being.

I also believe in astrology. For years, I backed away from this career because I was tired of defending my beliefs. In the age of Donald Trump, I have grown to accept that people are going to believe what they want to believe, so why fight it? I could be the smartest person in the room —  Julie Payette smart — and someone would still manage to question the validity of my beliefs.

Now I just go with it. It’s been a liberating experience so far. I even got new business cards just this week that read “Astrological Style Expert.” I’m going to keep one in my wallet beside my Mensa membership.

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