Saturn (source: NASA)

There has been a lot of stuff happening in the sky over the past week or so. Most of it has eclipsed what I believe is the big news of the season: Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius this week. The ringed planet will move out of its retrograde shadow around December 1 and into Capricorn on December 20, making its grand entrance at the same time the sun moves into Capricorn.

Why should you believe that this is the real news story? Are the other astrologers all peddling “fake news” while I’m trying to sell you the real deal?

I do tend to emphasize generational aspects and planetary placements when I’m discussing predictive astrology. What happens on December 20 happens about once every twenty-eight years. To me, that seems more important than another eclipse or a Mercury retrograde.

But I am also more interested in how the movements of these big planets affect attitudes in general. Fashion astrology is my raison d’etre, and fashion is intrinsically connected to many other generational attitudes. For instance, we are in an era where the discussion of gender and its relation to self-expression is front and center. I expect topics like that to take on increased relevance while Saturn is moving through idealistic Sagittarius: a place where ideas are put out into the universe and debated incessantly until conclusions are reached.

Conclusions will be reached when Saturn moves into Capricorn. The right wing will have to move to the left, and the left wing will have to move to the right. Practicality must ensue. All this political bullshit that has people yelling at each other incessantly will have to stop because nothing is getting accomplished. Saturn is the zodiac’s taskmaster, and it is at home in Capricorn where it works slowly, surely and without sentimentality.

I’m looking forward to the change of pace. I’m also looking forward to what Saturn will bring to the fashion business. I believe that the age of the social media influencer will come to an end — and I couldn’t be happier! People who actually sell products will figure out a way to sell more products. People who actually buy products will be their target demographic. All these idiots on the fringe of the fashion business who believe that they are contributing to the industry by the sheer force of their personalities are going to be in for a big surprise. With Saturn meeting Pluto in Capricorn in 2020, we are on the cusp of a huge transformation back to a much more realistic business model where consumers and consumption will dictate the way that marketers market their wares.

Hopefully, I’m correct about all of this. I possess a genuine talent and my own shining star has been eclipsed by people who play the social media game better than I do. However, with Saturn sitting comfortably in my own sign, I’m ready to prove to everyone that I wasn’t full of hot air when I called myself “the world’s foremost expert in fashion astrology” back in the day. I was just being realistic about my abilities. That’s what Capricorns do. And for the next couple of years we are going to be doing it a lot.

Brace yourselves . . .

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