As true today as it was a year ago when I first posted it . . .

Star Struck Style

DeodorantDeodorant (source: Walmart)

One of the greatest things about being an astrologer is that we can still generalize about everything without getting into trouble. For instance, I can say that Taurus people are more likely to be fat because they are born under one of the most decadent signs of the zodiac. What are they going to do if they don’t agree with what I said? Sit on me?

Anyway, I am a perfectly serious astrologer. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m perfectly serious. For that reason, I’ve decided to introduce a new category to my blog: The Zodiac Signs Ranked.

The Least-Smelly to Most-Smelly Signs of the Zodiac

#1: Virgo — In theory, Virgos are picky, neurotic and prone to obsessive-compulsive disorder. They wash a lot, and that’s why they are unlikely to reek.

#2: Capricorn — Capricorns rarely stink up the room because they’re ultimately concerned with status…

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