Lava Flow
Lava Flow (source: MNN)

This has been a week of big changes. Mars has moved into Cancer. Venus and Mercury have moved into their respective rulers, too, after finally stepping out of their retrograde shadows in May. Jupiter is about to go direct just as the full moon in Gemini occurs. In about two more weeks, Mercury will catch up to the sun as it moves into Cancer, not only marking the solstice, but also a figurative midpoint to 2017.

I know a lot of people have been feeling bitchy and discontented lately. For many of those people, I saw it coming when I wrote my 2017 horoscopes. I suggest revisiting those predictions now because much of the advice I included in those horoscopes had to do with this specific time of the year.

For many of you, it’s time to take your fate into your own hands. Nevertheless, once Jupiter really gets moving in the next couple of months, there is going to be a sense of cosmic justice in the air — as if the universe itself is seeking atonement for the sins of early 2017. If you deserve a better second-half to the year, you’ll probably have a better second-half to the year. If you don’t, tough luck!

Personally, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m sure that the pleasant weather and the seventeen-hours of sunshine we get where I live have something to do with my increased vitality. But I’m also feeling as if I’m making the right decisions about my future lately. I seem to thrive during Saturn’s retrograde phase, and the ringed planet doesn’t go direct until late August. But I’m a Capricorn. We tend to enjoy a slow and steady pace. I can imagine that this cosmic slowdown has been tough on certain people.

Anyway, you all should be eager to make the most of the second half of this calendar year. Start to make things happen for yourself after the new moon on June 22, but in the meantime, take my advice and go with the flow. You won’t regret it.

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