Cynthia Bailey (source: Bravo)

I’ve finally made it to the end of my “Real Housewives Dream Team.”

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. After writing eleven other entries in this series, I was surprised that I hadn’t run across any “controversial” birth dates. As an astrologer, that happens to me all the time. One source will cite a particular birth date for a celebrity, and another source will cite a completely different day.

It may have taken twelve posts for it to happen, but it has happened. I’ve been using the website “All Things Real Housewives” as a source for much of the information contained within this series. I do try to double-check my own work in order to ensure that I am not discussing celebrities whose birthdays I cannot confirm, but even the most-reliable sources can provide erroneous information. For instance, I thought that supermodel Tatjana Patitz was an Aries because Wikipedia had her birthday listed as March 25 for years and years. Only recently has the information been corrected to read May 25.

“All Things Real Housewives” isn’t entirely reliable, either, although it had been until I got to the Pisces section. Marysol Patton and Lea Black of “Miami” are both listed as Pisces natives, but Wikipedia says otherwise. Dina Manzo of “New Jersey” is listed as Pisces but Wikipedia provides no confirmation. The same goes for Lydia McLaughlin of “Orange County.”

And then there is Cynthia Bailey. The “Atlanta” star was born on a day when the sun switched signs. If she was born before 2:23 AM she is actually an Aquarius. However, I’m going to play the odds and guess that she is a Pisces. She acts like a Pisces. She looks like a Pisces. She smells like a Pisces. I’m kidding! I have no idea how she smells.

Anyway, Pisces natives are quirky and fun to be around when they aren’t blubbering and acting crazy. I have some terrific Pisces friends who I find to be exceptionally easygoing, low-maintenance friends. They’re sort of the opposite of the Virgo friends I’ve had who seem to need coddling and nurturing from a Capricorn like me.

I think that I would get along with Cynthia Bailey and that’s why I’m going to guess that she is a Pisces. She seems to be a little emotionally needy at times, but plenty of people are. Her friendship contract with Nene Leakes is something I would expect from the fertile imagination of a Pisces individual. Yeah, it was a little weird, but it was also sort of endearing. As a Capricorn, I like contracts. I wouldn’t have taken it the wrong way. I would have had it notarized.

What really seems to define Cynthia as a Pisces, though, is her fashion sense. She is all over the place! I encourage Pisces natives to do whatever they want to do, free from the constraints of public opinion. It is the sign of indefinite boundaries where the standards that apply to the rest of us become mere suggestions rather than hard and fast rules. Cynthia has the difficult-to-define style of a Pisces woman. You can’t put all that in a box.

I’m not sure what to make of Cynthia’s friendship with Kenya, but I suppose she just likes anyone who has her back. Again, Pisces natives can be needy without being desperate — despite what the other astrologers say. Cynthia has a Gemini moon, too. I’ve got a Pisces friend with a Gemini moon who is divorced from her Libra husband. When I read that Peter Thomas is a Libra, it made me even more confident to declare that Cynthia is indeed a Pisces. Listening to them argue reminded me of when my friend was getting a divorce. The Libra would try to explain everything from a logical standpoint using the most accusatory, passive/aggressive language while the Pisces would argue that she wasn’t emotionally or spiritually satisfied, missing the entire point of the actual argument. It wasn’t a good mix.

I’m sort of surprised that there hasn’t been a ton of Pisces housewives since reality shows like this tend to attract — and reward — the craziest people. I suppose that most Pisces individuals are non-confrontational, though. That could explain why there aren’t a lot of women like Cynthia Bailey on these shows. Oh well — at least she’s pretty!

So welcome to my dream team, Cynthia Bailey! You may be the last housewife I’ve profiled, but that doesn’t mean you’re last on my list. That would be Marlo . . .

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