Judi Dench (source: Vanity Fair)

December 9 is Judi Dench’s birthday.

When I think of the sign of Sagittarius, my mind immediately brings up images of Sagittarius pop-stars, like Taylor, Miley, Britney, Christina, JoJo, etc. And then there’s Judi Dench.

If I can believe the birthtime provided on astrotheme.com, Dench has a fiery Leo rising and the sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius. However, the sign of Sagittarius is intercepted within Dench’s fifth house.

I use the Placidus house system, so interceptions are common in the charts of people born in my hometown. The farther north (or south) you get, the more you see. Anyway, I find a lot of value in interpreting interceptions.

In Dench’s case, Scorpio is on the cusp of her fifth house with Sagittarius intercepted. The three planets that should confer a fiery character are sort of snuffed out by watery Scorpio. When I see something like that, I go looking for other prominent chart factors in order to prioritize my interpretations, like the position of the solar ruler. Jupiter isn’t strongly placed, but at least it isn’t in its detriment, like the moon, Mercury and Neptune.

Everything I look at in this chart frustrates me. I suppose that’s also the reason why I don’t look at Judi Dench and immediately think “Sagittarius!” In fact, I don’t know what to think when I look at her.

I’m just glad that this one isn’t going to be on the exam.

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