Sinead O’Connor (source: Billboard)

December 8 is Sinead O’Connor’s birthday.

Sometimes I go looking for something in particular when I click on a celebrity’s natal chart. In Sinead O’Connor’s case, I went looking for the crazy. Did I find it? Not really.

She does have a twelfth house Mercury, but it’s making nothing but favorable aspects to other planets. It’s in conjunction to Neptune in the twelfth house, as well. Some astrologers might say that an aspect like that could muddle one’s mind. I can see that happening, but I really believe that it is more likely to impart a dreamy, romantic side to the character, enhancing creativity and imagination. It can also indicate a fondness for recreational drugs, but there’s nothing pointing toward addiction in this chart.

I can see the sort of militant, take-no-prisoners part of her character with Mars nearly conjunct her midheaven from the ninth house and both the sun and Venus in Sagittarius in the first house. I can even see her adopting passive/aggressive behavior to get her point across with the moon in Libra in the tenth house. I see the chart of a social justice warrior who might not appreciate her own plum position in society. Someone as pretty Sinead O’Connor can come off a little disingenuous when she attempts a “makeunder” on herself. The video for “Nothing Compares 2 U” reads like a love letter to her beauty.

But do I see an individual prone to erratic behavior or mental instability? Not really. Maybe the birth time on is inaccurate, or maybe there’s just nothing there to see. Or perhaps I should be looking at the transits that occurred when Sinead O’Connor was experiencing troubled times. I looked at Kanye West’s chart a couple of weeks ago while he was undergoing some mental health issues and I literally gasped when I pulled up his chart. I do tend to get hung up on the character-based aspects of astrology while leaving the predictive stuff up to people who specialize in forecasting the future. I suppose we all have a niche . . .

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