Shiri Appleby (source: Celeb Mafia)

December 7 is Shiri Appleby’s birthday.

On last week’s episode of “Project Runway,” Shiri Appleby was the guest judge. At one point, the actress mentioned that she only recently got out of the habit of wearing all black all of the time.

I looked at her chart, and wasn’t surprised to see that she has Venus in Scorpio. That could explain a penchant for head-to-toe-black. She also has Mercury, Mars and Neptune flanking her sun in Sagittarius, Saturn in Virgo, and — most likely — a moon in Pisces. That’s a lot of planets in mutable signs!

Sagittarius natives aren’t typically the sort of people who limit themselves to a specific color palette. Nevertheless, they are often the sort of people who limit themselves by adopting the same style as their friends.

What interested me the most during the episode was when Appleby turned to Zac Posen for approval when mentioning her recent attempts to be more open-minded toward color. I don’t know if Zac Posen is dressing the actress nowadays, but the friendly exchange between the two gave me the idea that Appleby’s turnaround was influenced by Posen and maybe even by “Project Runway” itself.

It was nice to see her admitting that change isn’t a bad thing. Mutability is a big part of her character, but it can be difficult for many Sagittarius natives to be open-minded regarding their own persona. They often believe that the image they project is a true representation of themselves, yet they play to an audience that only includes their existing fans. In that respect, they can be far more conservative about the way they appear than any other sign of the zodiac. Even the most left-leaning individuals can be accused of bandwagonism when they adopt a uniform in order to express their individuality.

Anyway, I was glad to hear Shiri Appleby admitting that she was ready and willing to change her uniform. Who wants to be stuck in the same thing all the time?

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