Agnes Moorehead (source: CinemaBlend)

December 6 is Agnes Moorehead’s birthday.

I don’t know much about Agnes Moorehead, so I visited Wikipedia to learn a little more about her. The thing that I found most interesting about the actress was that she publicly expressed her displeasure with being associated with her character Endora on television’s “Bewitched.” So when I went to look up her chart, I expected to see some cranky planetary placements.

I found exactly what I was looking for. Moorehead had her natal Saturn in Capricorn, a position that can confer a somber disposition. On it’s own, I wouldn’t expect that placement to be a proverbial “wet blanket,” but combined with Moorehead’s Mercury in Scorpio, it tends to endow an individual with a strong sense of gravity.

I suppose that sense of gravity was Moorehead’s greatest strength on the show. The character Endora was a grouch whose clownish appearance belied her hateful behavior towards mortals, especially her son-in-law, Darrin.

The dichotomy of Endora was written in the stars. It’s no surprise that she became a household name in a role that mirrored this undeniable component of her own character.

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