Dorothy Lamour (source: Cosmically Chic)

December 10 is Dorothy Lamour’s birthday.

I don’t really pay that much attention to the blog posts I wrote a few years ago when I was regularly updating my former blog, “Cosmically Chic.” But I have been visiting the site to ensure that I’m not discussing the exact same people I discussed back then.

I visited the site today to see who I featured in 2010, and I came across a post about Dorothy Lamour. The interesting thing about it is that I wouldn’t change a thing if I rewrote the post today. So why not just share it again?

Some people can get away with wearing looks poached from foreign cultures without appearing as if they’re in costume, and others can’t. In my book, I maintain that Sagittarius is the sign that best represents the notion of “ethnic dressing.” Natives of this sign often possess an affection for faraway locales that allows them to adopt certain styles without appearing to be disrespectful.

December 10th’s birthday girl, Dorothy Lamour, even saw a garment from another culture become synonymous with her onscreen persona. The “sarong girl” of the 30s, 40s and 50s was from New Orleans, while sarongs are associated mostly with Southeast Asian cultures or the islanders of the South Pacific.

Dressing in ethnic-inspired clothing is a tricky situation. A lot of people seem to find offense in anything, and they can be quick to accuse an individual of insensitivity toward their culture if they see someone seeking stylish inspiration in their national costumes. What a Sagittarian brings to the situation is a natural exuberance and boisterous charm that can transcend cultural boundaries. Only the most-mannered societies find fault in the big personality that often defines this sign. It’s a cosmic gift that allows most Sagittarians to get away with things that would leave the rest of us looking like fools.

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