Donna Mills (source: Cosmically Chic)

Yesterday I posted a retread from my old blog, “Cosmically Chic.” I actually surprised myself when I read the entry about Dorothy Lamour. It was very perceptive. Today I went back to look at who I profiled back then I and discovered this post about Donna Mills.

The birthday girl for December 11 is Donna Mills.

I don’t know much about Mills. I remember her on “Knots Landing” in the 80s, and I remember her instructional video on makeup application, “The Eyes Have It.” At about the same time as her fellow Sagittarius Jane Fonda was striving to be Hollywood’s number-one Jack-of-all-trades as an actress/model/activist/fitness guru, Mills was attempting to expand her own repertoire.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve used the phrase “Jack-of-all-trades” to describe Sagittarians like Mills who can’t do just one thing. Today we call these people “multitaskers.” That word, however, doesn’t really describe what Sagittarians do best. Yet when they’re doing too many things, they can easily lose track of what they’re doing. Without focus, all of their tasks can suffer. Focus isn’t usually indicated in a natal chart by planets occupying the sign of Sagittarius. In fact, too many planets in Sagittarius — especially Mercury in Sagittarius — can lead to these individuals being described by that other old phrase: Jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

What surprises me about looking back at what I wrote five years ago is that my ideas haven’t really changed. What has changed is my idea that I can have an audience. When I look at what other astrologers are writing, I understand why no one publishes astrology books nowadays.

I’m happy that I’ve regained a sense of self-confidence regarding my so-called craft. I’m good at this stuff. I don’t know why I ever listened to the voice in my head that told me I wasn’t.

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