Bridget Hall (source:

December 12 is Bridget Hall’s birthday.

There aren’t a lot of famous Sagittarius fashion models. I remember struggling to find one to profile while I was working at “Teen Vogue.” The obvious choices were Tyra Banks, Shalom Harlow and Bridget Hall, but they were all a little too long in the tooth to serve as inspiration for the kids who were reading the magazine back in 2003. Lara Stone and Chanel Iman didn’t come on the scene until 2006. Eventually, my editor chose to profile the one and only Hana Soukupová. Remember her? Me either . . .

Anyway, of all these models, Bridget Hall is the one who seems the most Sagittarius-like to me. I always thought that she was different from the other models. She had a face that could take a ton of makeup, like Tyra Banks, but she always looked her best when the makeup artists and the photographers let her natural beauty shine through.

I don’t really believe that there’s a “no-makeup” sign. I do believe that there are a couple of signs that probably can get away with a less-is-more approach. Sagittarius is one of those signs. The Sagittarius aesthetic is robust, vital and ready for anything. To me, those qualities don’t suggest a face full of makeup.

I want to tip my hat to makeup artist Pati Dubroff for recognizing what made Bridget Hall beautiful. You would never know that the photo above is almost twenty years old. It makes me wonder what sign Pati Dubroff is.

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