J. Howard Marshall & Anna Nicole Smith (source: Dlisted)

November 28 is Anna Nicole Smith’s birthday.

I’ve never taken the time to look at Anna Nicole Smith’s natal chart. Whoa! This is one for the textbooks!

Sagittarius is the sign of opportunism. Most Sagittarius natives see opportunities around every corner. I suppose that Anna Nicole saw some kind of opportunity when she married an 89-year-old billionaire named J. Howard Marshall. Or maybe it was true love — we’ll never really know.

But we do know that Anna Nicole had a super-close conjunction of the moon and Venus in Libra, possibly in the first house if her birth time on astrotheme.com is correct. She also had the sun square Jupiter within half a degree.

The first aspect confers a great deal of charm. The second aspect not only heightens an individual’s optimistic and opportunistic nature, but also their propensity for self-indulgent behavior. Yet they tend to rely upon others to bail them out when their conduct gets them into trouble. They can also be prone to depressive episodes when they’re not riding on the bandwagon of unbridled optimism.

I guess that you can say that Anna Nicole Smith lived up to potential of her chart. The funny thing is that I often cite Betty Grable in “How to Marry a Millionaire” as a paradigm of Sagittarius style. She also had her moon in Libra, but with a very close trine between the sun and Jupiter. The latter would likely make her too good-hearted to take advantage of a millionaire (or even a billionaire). But I suppose that her role in the film spoke to an inherent component of her character, even if Grable herself didn’t act upon her worst impulses.

I don’t want to come to the conclusion that Sagittarius is the sign of the gold digger, but I am going to entertain the notion while I do a little more research. Stay tuned!

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