Jackie Stallone (source: Dlisted)

November 29 is Jackie Stallone’s birthday.

I’m sure that I’ve written about my fondness for Jackie Stallone before, but there’s no reason why I can’t do it again. In 1989, I bought a paperback called “Starpower,” written by Jackie Stallone with Mim Eichler. I found it a grocery store where it was sitting with all the other mass-market titles in the checkout line. Yes, you read that correctly: a mass-market paperback astrology book was being sold alongside the Danielle Steele and Stephen King novels in the grocery store.

I don’t know if “Starpower” was an actual success, or if the executives at Penguin books just thought that they could capitalize on Sylvester Stallone’s success (the foreword was composed by the actor himself). Nevertheless, I loved the book! It was funny, perceptive and it made me want to read more than just the chapters that applied to me. You know you’re reading a good astrology book when . . .

Jackie Stallone never really got the credit she deserved for putting together one of the most entertaining astrology books ever published. In fact, she’s treated like a joke by many astrologers who believe that they know better than to use sun-sign astrology to attract an audience. But it’s those astrologers who give astrology a bad name. They’re the reason that no one buys astrology books. I can’t even remember the last time I actually bought an astrology book because every time I go looking at the titles on amazon.com, it’s filled with esoteric garbage that speaks to a worldwide audience that numbers in the tens.

I don’t mean to be a jerk about this, but writing a book about some obscure asteroid or an Arabian part doesn’t make you into the Pope of the Zodiac. There’s room for a lot of different voices in this discipline, including the populist voices of writers like Jackie Stallone. Nothing would please me more than having the opportunity to publish something as entertaining as “Starpower.” I’d rather be Jackie Stallone or Sydney Omarr than some asshole who looks down his nose at anyone who doesn’t understand the meaning of the vertex in a synastry chart. There are plenty of those people to go around. I’m going to take the populist road that my fellow Libra-rising crew took (both Stallone and Omarr share my rising sign) and continue upon this path. If it takes me five years, or ten years, or twenty years, I’m going to write something that actually gets into the hands of readers. Now that I’ve put that out into the universe, it’s bound to come true, right?

Anyway, my point is that populist astrology makes astrology popular. All these know-it-alls who turn their noses up at Jackie Stallone and Susan Miller and Linda Goodman need to thank their lucky stars that someone is keeping them in business by opening a door into a world that has room for all of us. I experience less snobbery from the people in the business of fashion than I do from my fellow astrologers. Thankfully, my fondness for Jackie Stallone and her status as a D-list celebrity has taught me that it doesn’t matter what your detractors think of you — you’ve got to play to your fans. That’s what I intend to do.

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