Jil Sander (source: blogspot.ca)

November 27 is Jil Sander’s birthday.

The name Jil Sander is synonymous with minimalism. At one time, I proposed that Aries was the minimalist sign. Nowadays, I split minimalism between two signs: Aries and Scorpio. I attribute the architectural sort of minimalism espoused by American sportswear designers like Narciso Rodriguez to Aries, and I assign the darker, more-Germanic type of minimalism to Scorpio and designers like Helmut Lang.

Jil Sander seems to fit somewhere in between those two descriptions, yet she leans toward the former. The most interesting thing about her natal chart is that all of her planets occupy four masculine signs: Gemini, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius. Now that I know that, I want to go back and edit a few sentences in my new book. There’s not a shred of feminine influence in Sander’s chart, so I should probably forget the fact that she’s German and just put her where she belongs: alongside Narciso Rodriguez and Calvin Klein in the Aries pantheon.

By the way, I chose the photograph above because she has Andy Warhol’s “Flower” in the background. I have that print on a shirt. Yes, I know I’m stylish . . .

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