Mars (source: Wikipedia Commons)

Just a moment ago, I was looking at my own chart. Because I’m not sure what to do with my half-finished book, I thought a little cosmic guidance was in order. That’s when I noticed that Mars is getting close to slipping out of its retrograde phase. Hooray! The bad news is that it’s stuck at roughly 23º Scorpio for the next few weeks, inconjunct my natal Jupiter.

It briefly passed that degree in February. I can’t even remember how I was feeling or what I was feeling in mid-February. I know that I was more energetic than I usually am at that dark time of year, but I chalked that up to the mild winter. Usually February is horrible where I live. I was also quite optimistic. That’s not a bad thing, although I can be too optimistic without any help from the universe. I don’t expect bad things to happen to me. I’m sure that some people would consider that to be a blessing, but sometimes it feels more like a curse.

The reason it makes me feel that way is that causes me to despise pessimists. It makes me loathe people who always see the glass as half-empty. What’s worse, it makes me sort of hostile toward them. I’ll go out of my way to show my contempt for them. With Mars making me ready to pick a fight over the next few weeks, it could be trouble.

I’m going to have to resolve to stay off of online forums and the comments section of Yahoo! Otherwise, I’m going to want to impale the first person who rains on my parade with the pointy end of my umbrella.

On that note, your comments are welcome! Click the link above.

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