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March 6 is Alaska’s birthday. The sun is nearly halfway through Pisces, and I haven’t stopped to discuss typical Pisces glamour. Well, here you go. A picture says a thousand words . . .

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Catherine O’Hara

March 4 is Catherine O’Hara’s birthday. I make a lot of fun of Pisces individuals for a couple of reasons. First of all, they can take a joke. Second, the clichés that define the sign are hilarious. At their worst, the stereotypical Pisces is a self-deluded, pill-popping mess who can’t decide whether she wants to laugh or cry. It’s no surprise, […]

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Rebel Wilson

March 2 is Rebel Wilson’s birthday. I haven’t been blogging much as I noted in my last post. I’ve been working on some projects that might make me some money in the very near future. I was also in Las Vegas last week with a couple of Pisces friends. We usually go a couple of times a year, but we […]

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Jody Watley

January 30 is Jody Watley’s birthday. Jody Watley has the sort of natal chart that makes me wince. There’s nothing wrong with it, but the amount of aspects created by having several planets sitting within a couple of degrees of the sign’s cusps makes it difficult to interpret. The job of a good astrologer is to decide which chart elements […]

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Malcolm McLaren

January 22 is Malcolm McLaren’s birthday. In my last post, I discussed how Aquarius natives can be let down by sun-sign astrology because Aquarius is the weakest position of the sun — any astrologer knows that. Still, we have to look at the sun and figure out its importance in a chart, just like we have to prioritize every other […]

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Ethel Merman

January 16 is Ethel Merman’s birthday. I don’t believe that I’ve ever looked up Ethel Merman’s natal chart before. I get excited when I discover that I share certain chart elements with celebrities that I admire, so I was thrilled to see that Merman and I have the same sun, moon, Venus and Saturn (there is a very slight chance […]

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January 15 is Skrillex’s birthday. I knew that there were a couple of famous Capricorn DJs around because I spend practically every vacation I have at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where Calvin Harris and Tiesto are the resident DJs at the nightclub Hakkasan. I thought it was more than just a coincidence that the pair share a birthday. When […]