Jeanine Pirro (source: Variety)

June 2 is Jeanine Pirro’s birthday.

I’m constantly bringing up the cabal of evil Gemini natives that has hijacked American democracy. Barely a day goes by when I’m not telling anyone who will listen that Donald Trump, Mike Pence, William Barr, Rudy Giuliani, Laura Ingraham and Jeanine Pirro all share the same zodiac sign. What’s worse is that I’m sure I’ve missed a few on that list. It’s easy to lose track of how many there are because they all have two faces.

Anyway, I had a look at Judge Jeanine’s chart on to see if there was anything that would make me say “Oh, that’s why she’s such a c***!”

Unfortunately, without a time of birth, I couldn’t see anything in her horoscope that I would describe as “difficult.” In fact, she’s got a nice layout of planets without a lot of adverse aspects, especially when it comes to the personal planets. I can’t place her moon on an exact degree without a birth time, but even that wouldn’t make much of a difference. There is very little tension in this chart.

So, what’s her problem? Mental illness? Demonic possession? Sheer stupidity? I suppose that you could check all three columns. I will say that her very close sextile of Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries endows her with a somewhat pugnacious disposition: I can’t imagine her backing away from a fight with anyone. Still, that aspect should result in a more open-minded nature and even a character who might use their words for lively debate, not to purposely mislead their audience while kissing the fat, orange ass of the buffoon in the White House.

Of course, an accurate time of birth would allow me to put the planets into the houses and figure out what makes Judge Jeanine into the incoherent, irrational, screaming banshee we see on Fox News.

If you’re reading this, Jeanine, drop me a line!

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