James Charles (source: GMA)

May 23 is James Charles’ birthday.

I have to admit that I really don’t know much about James Charles. I remember reading about him when he started appearing in CoverGirl commercials. I saw him on the Met Gala red carpet a couple of weeks ago and remembered who he was. Other than that, I probably wouldn’t recognize him if I ran into him on the street.

So, when this feud erupted between him and another YouTube personality named Tati Westbrook, I wasn’t even interested to find out what was going on. I learned a little about the episode via social media, but I won’t pretend that I’m an expert on the subject of James Charles or any other so-called “influencers.” Ugh! It pains me just to type that word!

However, I did punch up his natal chart and I discovered a few interesting things. The beauty vlogger has his natal sun just a degree into Gemini and his Mercury just a half degree away from Gemini in the last degree of Taurus. The two planets oppose Chiron which sits in the first degree of Sagittarius.

This kid is going to learn a lot of hard lessons in his life. I suppose that he is in the middle of learning one right now. It’s crazy to learn that this week’s conjunction of the sun and Mercury occurred in the first degree of Gemini while all this shit is going down.

Again, I don’t know him well enough to want to craft a portrait of a sympathetic character, but I actually feel a little sympathy for him just because he’s really going through it right now. It’s also interesting to note that he has a Mars/Jupiter opposition in Libra/Aries that is being squared by Pluto and about to be assaulted by Saturn. Yikes!

Of course, I don’t have a time of birth to put the planets into the houses, but I can say that I actually feel a twinge of compassion for him now that I’ve looked at his horoscope. That’s something, right?

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