Monique Heart (source:

May 22 is Monique Heart’s birthday.

I enjoyed watching Monique Heart on both of her seasons of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” I even agreed with her when she felt ignored by the judges for her stunning “Queen of Hearts” look. Still, I always thought that she was sort of sloppy. Sometimes her makeup was oddly blended. Sometimes her wigs were flying off. Sometimes she was pretending to know the words to Carly Rae Jepsen songs she had never heard before . . .

I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised that she’s a Gemini because they often give credence to the description “Jack of all trades, master of none.” That doesn’t make me like Monique any less. I found her to be charming and an “All-Star” worthy of redemption on her second season. She had definitely become a master of her genre he second time around.

I punched her birth information into to cast a chart. If her birth date on Wikipedia is correct, she has a Scorpio moon and Venus in Cancer. Mercury moved into her sign on the morning of her birth, so it could be in Taurus or it could be in Gemini, depending upon the time that she was born.

I did expect to see some watery planets in her horoscope. As “the heart of Season 10,” she was able to connect with both her fellow contestants and the audience in a manner that belied her sun sign. I also expected to see something in Taurus to explain her fondness for cow prints. If she was born early in the morning, Mercury would be in the sign of the bull.

But that’s just idle speculation — or as we astrologers call it, “the ooh ah ah speculation.” Monique, if you’re reading this, we need to talk. The same goes for the rest of you queens who might stumble across this blog while you’re doing vanity searches for yourself. Drop me a line in the comments section or message me on social media and we can look a little more deeply into your chart.

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