Priscilla Presley (source: LA Times)

May 24 is Priscilla Presley’s birthday.

I’ll admit that synastry isn’t my specialty. I’ve studied astrology for decades (and I’ve forgotten at least as much as I remember), but I’ve never been all that interested in comparing the natal charts of people in romantic relationships. Perhaps my Venus/Mars conjunction in Aquarius is the reason for that. I’m quite the unromantic, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, my own experience with Gemini natives made me wonder how Priscilla Presley ended up married to a Capricorn. If I had to rank the signs in order of sun-sign compatibility, the Gemini/Capricorn combo would be very low on the list. However, synastry is a far more complex art than simple sun-sign comparison. If I remember correctly, the moon signs along with Venus and Mars positions take priority in determining the romantic possibilities of a couple.

So, why do I look at the natal charts of Elvis and Priscilla and still wonder how they ever got together in the first place? I guess reading about their relationship answers that question for me. Although they met when Priscilla was only fourteen and were divorced by the time she was twenty-eight, they both managed to have a few affairs. I guess I just assumed that their marriage was better than it was because they remained friendly after their split. Even after Elvis’ death, Priscilla remained an instrumental part of Elvis’ estate management.

Perhaps I was looking at their relationship through rose-colored glasses, because the more I read about it, the more I understand that it was always a rather awkward coupling. They had almost nothing in common, and their stars show it. I don’t know how they lasted as long as they did.

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