Zoe Kravitz for British Vogue (source: irisvanherpen.com)

June 5 is Iris van Herpen’s birthday.

I saw this photo on Instagram the other day and immediately declared it the best fashion photo of the year so far. I know that we’re not even halfway through 2019, but it’s going to take something very special to beat it. It was no surprise to see that the image was captured by legendary Gemini photographer Steven Meisel (who also has a birthday today).

The dress was instantly recognizable from Iris van Herpen’s S/S 2019 collection. I briefly discuss the couturier in the Aquarius chapter of “Star Struck Style,” comparing her to Aquarius fashion icon Paco Rabanne, but I didn’t mention her zodiac sign. If I remember correctly, I wasn’t able to confirm van Herpen’s date of birth a couple of years back when I was finishing my book.

With the birth date now included on her Wikipedia bio, I had a look at Iris van Herpen’s natal chart. She has no planets in Aquarius, but I still can’t dismiss the Aquarius vibes I get from her innovative creations. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover an Aquarius rising sign or a highly-populated eleventh house.

The one thing that I noticed right away was a spectacular and exceptionally tight Yod formed by Venus in Taurus at 12°03″, Saturn in Scorpio at 10°49″ and Jupiter in Capricorn at 10°58″. Not surprisingly, Uranus adds a unique dimension to the configuration at 11°25″ Sagittarius.

I’m sure that I’m about to go down a rabbit hole here, but I’m going to go study up on this aspect instead of discussing what it means in a chart where I can’t place the planets in the houses. I know that a Yod is considered to be “the finger of fate,” pointing to Venus in Gemini in this case. Yet with Venus opposing Uranus by a little more than half-a-degree, and my previous declaration that van Herpen is a visionary designer, there’s a lot to figure out here.

This is one of those charts that I could talk about all day if I just had an accurate time of birth to put it all into perspective. I need to reach out to Iris van Herpen and find out what time she was born.

Call me, Iris . . .

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