Marco Marco (source:

June 6 is Marco Morante’s birthday.

I’m having a difficult time confirming that it is indeed Marco Morante’s birthday. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was his birthday because he reminds me of some of the Gemini designers that I truly admire. I always like the goofy ones who look at fashion like they are kids in a candy store (Henry Holland also comes to mind).

The most Gemini-like thing about Marco Morante is his belief that gender roles are something that is defined by the person wearing the clothes rather than the clothes themselves. That’s why I believe that the birthday I’ve discovered is probably correct. This is the designer who recently cast nothing but transgender models for a show.

Gender is a touchy topic for a lot of people, including people who practice astrology. The glyph that represents Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, is the same symbol used in botany to represent plants that possess both genders. In mythology, Mercury himself was the father of Hermaphroditus. While the word “hermaphrodite” is no longer used to define individuals who possess both male and female characteristics, the etymology of the word and the myth from which it arose are of great interest to astrologers who study the relationship between those topics and the planets themselves.

So, we can’t really get past discussing Mercury (and by association, Gemini) without acknowledging its relationship to hermaphroditism. We can use words like “intersex” or phrases such as “non-binary” or “two-sexed,” but that sort of defies the tradition from which our understanding of the signs and planets has sprung. Society assigns negative connotations to words that have been misused or used abusively in the past, and we lose those words without understanding why or how we used them in the first place.

But I digress! If Marco Morante really is a Gemini, his work as a Gemini designer and an advocate for gender expression speaks for itself: he doesn’t care about what you want to call yourself as much as he seems to care about how you want to look. If you want to look like this, that’s great. If you want to look like that, good for you.

In the Gemini chapter of “Star Struck Style” I wrote “I want you to understand that whatever liberates you is what you should be wearing.” Marco Morante gets that. The best-dressed Gemini natives get that. Without having to explain themselves, they just do what they want, free from the labels that tend to define the rest of us.

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