Nicola Formichetti (source: Fashion Maniac)

May 31 is Nicola Formichetti’s birthday.

I didn’t expect to see a fully-constructed natal chart pop up when I searched for Nicola Formichetti on astrotheme.com. Still, I’m not convinced that the designer’s chart is accurate because the time of birth is listed as 6:00 AM on the nose — a red flag for an astrologer. His 0°59″ Cancer ascendant could easily change if his time of birth was just five minutes earlier.

But if the time of birth is correct, Formichetti has a Gemini sun, a Scorpio moon, Mercury in Taurus, Venus conjunct Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. It is interesting to note that Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all reside in signs that are considered to be their detriment.

There’s more! The sun is weakly-placed in the twelfth house, but it is within three degrees of Jupiter which is comfortable in the twelfth house. Mars is overwhelming Venus in the eleventh house. The weakly-placed fifth house moon forms a close square with Saturn in the second house.

It’s a chart fraught with difficult positions, and yet Nicola Formichetti is a guy who has led a rather charmed life in the fashion business. He might not be a household name, but his resume is stacked with plum positions and A-list collaborations.

When I get past my bewilderment, I guess that I can see that this is also the chart of someone with the sort of unbridled creativity that even a bad chart cannot suppress. In some ways, he reminds of Luella Bartley. She also is one of those people who has had a major influence on the business of fashion, and yet she lurks behind the scenes a little more than many of her counterparts. I can’t remember if Luella has something in her chart that accounts for her modus operandi, but I can see it in Nicola Formichetti’s chart, especially when I look at his Scorpio moon in the fifth house and his sun/Jupiter conjunction in the twelfth. Cancer rising also adds a modicum of caution to this chart, explaining why someone who is so “out there” with his designs still manages to remain a little closed off to the sort of fame-whoring that comes with being a fashion designer.

It’s an intriguing horoscope — the kind I could talk about for hours with another astrologer. I just hope that the time of birth is correct so that I haven’t put my foot in my mouth by discussing it in such detail. Oh well! It wouldn’t be the first time . . .

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