Encounter (source: pexels.com)

I searched the word “encounter” on Pexels and this is the photo that came up. Once again, there is something about cheesy stock photos that always makes me laugh!

Anyway, the reason I had the word “encounter” on my mind was because of the computer-generated horoscope on astro.com for Venus’ trine to my natal Chiron this evening:

“This influence can bring with it a deeply satisfying, liberating experience; perhaps you will simply enjoy yourself with more gusto and freedom than usual and take pleasure in life. There may be a very meaningful encounter during this time — with your partner, someone close to you, or someone whom you have never met before. This encounter will be so deep and personal that you will have the opportunity to perceive and possibly even discuss things about yourself that you have preferred not to reveal to anyone up until now. Thus, you have the chance to behave differently and, for once, act out of character and acknowledge your injury or sensitivity without having to fear being hurt or rejected again.”

What’s interesting about this alignment is that it is followed by Venus’ sextile to my natal Uranus tomorrow. That horoscope on astro.com reads as follows:

“Under this influence you will seek an exciting break from your daily routine. You also attract new friends, because under this influence you show a fascinating, different side of your personality in a way that is winning and attractive. If a relationship that starts today does last more than a short time, it may revolutionize your life in some way. You will have to give your friend or lover great freedom, because there is no room for possessiveness or jealousy in such a relationship. But if you can live in such an unstructured relationship, your understanding of life and of yourself will be greatly broadened. In most relationships people do not need to make as many demands upon each other as they do, mostly out of mutual insecurity. You are able to understand this at this time.”

Obviously, what this means is that I’ll be living in a Hallmark movie over the next couple of days where meeting someone new when I least expect will be my destiny. Of course, anyone born within a week or two of my birthday will be experiencing the exact same thing!

I’m kidding, of course. However, Venus is personalized in my chart and Venus’ transits are amongst the planetary movements that I genuinely notice. I don’t seem to be as swayed by the influence of Mars or Jupiter, for instance, because neither of those planets are personalized by sign or house placement.

So, even though I cannot expect this transit to be profoundly personal (since it will be happening to plenty of people besides me), I can expect it to be something that I should notice. My routine is already going to be out of the ordinary because of the plans I have, so I’m going to pay attention to the encounters I have while I’m out and about. Maybe I’ll actually have a meaningful encounter of some kind. Stranger things have happened . . .

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