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I noticed that transiting Uranus is about to oppose my natal Neptune. This is a generational aspect that will be affecting anyone born within a few months of my birthday in January of 1966. The aspect goes exact in mid-June, repeats in early November during Uranus’ retrograde phase, and then recurs in mid-April next year.

While a planetary alignment like this shouldn’t be profound for most individuals, I do have Uranus personalized in my chart by house position. For that reason, I’m going to try to be open minded where this transit is concerned. Perhaps I can learn something over the next several months. My horoscope on suggests that I’ve got a lot to learn:

“How you will react to this influence will depend upon how well you have learned certain of life’s lessons. If you are extremely materialistic and so caught up in the mundane concerns of daily life that you cannot see or conceive of anything higher — whether it be a religion, a system of ideals or whatever — you will experience this time as extremely confusing. Events will occur that simply do not fit into your scheme, and you will become confused and perhaps act in ways that you consider very unwise. You may suddenly start chasing after wild and impractical dreams, become involved with persons who are very out of touch with reality and generally get your goals thoroughly scrambled.

All of this arises because this influence exposes you to higher dimensions of existence, to a world that doesn’t work like the one you have been taught to see. Nevertheless this higher world is real and important, in that it gives life meaning even though seemingly far removed from it. If you have always frowned on idealistic notions of higher metaphysical dimensions, this influence will confuse and upset you, because it reveals these dimensions to you. But if you have learned that the universe does not stop with what you can see and feel with your senses, this influence will allow you to experience profound revelations and understanding. Your degree of enlightenment or confusion depends entirely upon how well prepared you are.”

I feel as I am prepared to be enlightened. However, I am worried that in the current political climate where lying about everything has become de rigueur, many leaders of my generation will be more eager than ever to subvert the truth. There comes a time when you have lied so much that you start to believe your own lies.

On the other hand, I should heed the warning that this prediction delivers about being “extremely materialistic.” Neptune resides in my second house, and Uranus is currently transiting my eighth house. I am an unapologetically materialistic person; I have a Capricorn sun and Libra rising. Being surrounded by nice things feeds my soul. Still, I’m always open minded about the idea of “higher dimensions.” I may believe that I’m tethered to this material realm, but I don’t dismiss the existence of others. I have faith in the notion that there has to be “something more” to my existence. I know I’m not alone in that belief.

Are you one of the individuals that is about to experience this once-in-a-lifetime alignment? Have you looked into your natal chart or gazed into a crystal ball to determine how this transit might affect you? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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