The strangest thing about this story I told three years ago was the part where I claimed “I had a fun exchange with a couple of astrologers on Twitter.” That never happens anymore!

Star Struck Style

960x0The Sun (source: Forbes)

I had a fun exchange with a couple of astrologers on Twitter yesterday regarding Placidus vs. whole sign houses. Twitter is often the worst place to have a discussion about anything because most people are not clever enough to understand the nuances of what you are attempting to say in so few words. But this wasn’t one of those exchanges.

Nevertheless, after we were finished joking around, a few other people needed to add their two cents to the conversation. A couple of them claimed to have success interpreting charts and making predictions using both systems of house division.

Well, good for them. Nevertheless, I won’t be changing to whole sign houses any time soon. As I’ve mentioned on this blog a million times before, there is no way that I have anything but a third house sun. It is one of the hallmarks of…

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