Star Struck Style

x310-1400x913.jpg.pagespeed.ic.YmaF4OOnfENaomi Campbell (source: Muse Magazine)

May 22 is Naomi Campbell’s birthday.

Of all the supermodels, I probably spend the least amount of time gushing over Naomi Campbell. Is that my Gemini bias showing through? I don’t think so. Tatjana Patitz is my favorite, and she’s a Gemini, too. More about her in a couple of days.

Anyway, I don’t like Naomi Campbell as much as the others because of her conduct. She was sort of a bitch in her heyday. She’s mellowed out a lot later in her life and she doesn’t get into trouble for being rude to people any more, so maybe I need to give her a second chance.

Yesterday, I posted something about a few prominent Gemini politicians that popped into my mind. That post inspired me to disclose my own issues with Gemini natives. Of course, the post was peppered with my usual condescension/humor…

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