Door Knocker (source: Amazon)

I just realized that next week’s annual conjunction of the sun and Jupiter will form an exact sextile with my progressed Jupiter at 21°45″ Gemini.

My progressed Jupiter is just two degrees away from my natal Jupiter, so this event would be significant regardless even if I didn’t take secondary progressions seriously. But I do pay attention to transits to my progressed planets, especially shifts from one house to another and exact conjunctions. I wouldn’t normally assign a lot of credence to a sextile, but in this case I’ve got the sun and Jupiter involved. I’ve had two major events occur in my life occur on the one day of the year that the sun aligned with Jupiter. In both cases, the two planets formed tight, harmonious aspects to other planets in my chart.

For that reason, I’m going to be waiting for opportunity to come knocking next week. In between this transit and the new moon conjoining my part of fortune by mere minutes on April 20, good things should be coming my way over the next several days.

I sure hope so! I could use a lucky break . . .

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