“Older” by George Michael (source: Discogs)

Sometimes I can be oblivious to things happening in my own chart. Just this morning, for instance, I realized that I’m the midst of an uncommon transit between two of the most important planets in my chart. Saturn in Pisces is currently forming a trine to my natal moon in Cancer. For about three weeks, I’ll be in the thick of this transit. It recurs for about a month in the second half of August and the first half of September, and then again in late December and early January.

With my sun in Capricorn and Libra rising, I tend to describe myself as a combination of Saturnian and Venusian influences. I rarely discuss my Cancer moon because I’d rather not admit that I’m probably a lot softer on the inside than most of my fellow Capricorns. During this transit, however, Saturn is going to support my natal moon in a manner that will allow me to keep an even keel. My horoscope on astro.com describes the transit as follows:

“This influence indicates a time of equilibrium in your life, when the demands of the world are in balance with your emotional needs. Emotional maturity and past experiences have prepared you for this, and now you can put your understanding to work to make your life run more smoothly. Tensions that in the past have seemed to pull you in opposite directions are now working in balance and harmony.

At this time your emotional attitude is sober. Your mental state is relatively quiet, and you can see objectively what is true for you, what your needs are and how much you can give and get from others. Your domestic life and your work reinforce each other, and you are able to attend to both without sacrificing either.

Now is a good time to take care of any business matters concerning your home and personal life, such as buying or selling real estate, making home repairs, reorganizing your finances and making provisions for the future. On both the psychological and material levels you are unusually well organized, and your plans should work out successfully.

Older people, especially women, may give you great insight and understanding. Your own emotional attitudes are ‘older’ at this time. You are in a better position to take advantage of the insights of age, both your own and other people’s.”

Frankly, I’m quite relieved to read the word “older” used to describe how I’ll be feeling during this transit. I’ve been dealing with a lot of people who rarely act their age when it comes to taking on responsibilities that are their own to bear. I’m not their mother or their father, and I shouldn’t be the first person that they come to when they need help to clean up the messes they’ve made. I don’t mind helping them and offering them “sober” advice in order to make life easier for everyone, but I have problems of my own. Hopefully, I’ll be able to behave in a manner that is both stern and nurturing while these planets are aligned harmoniously.

Considering my professional situation (that I’ve been discussing incessantly on this blog), this is the horoscope I needed to read today. I should thank my lucky stars that I’ve got smooth sailing ahead, right?

I guess I’ll find out soon enough . . .

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