I know that I only wrote this post two weeks ago, but the line “So, expect to be delighted one day and disappointed the next as circumstances slowly come to a Karmic resolution” seems to be especially prescient on the day of Donald Trump’s arraignment. Nevertheless, I’ll enjoy being delighted while it lasts.

Star Struck Style

“Karma Gold” Dahlia (source: veseys.com)

I Googled “Karma” a moment ago while searching for an image to illustrate this post, and this photo of a dahlia came up. It was on a Canadian website that I frequently visit to order flower bulbs. Perhaps fate is telling me to buy some.

But I digress! I actually intended to compose a post about Pluto’s imminent ingress into Aquarius and the notion of Karma. I was taught that Pluto is a fateful planet, and that the first and last degree of any zodiac sign were fateful places for planets to linger. Because it moves so slowly, Pluto will be lingering in the last degree of Capricorn and the first degree of Aquarius for the next several months.

I can feel it happening in my own life. My own big mouth has got me in trouble at work, but I saw that coming…

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