Jupiter (source: Newsweek)

The last two weeks of March will be eventful for everyone. Mercury catches up to the sun in the final degrees of Pisces on March 17. Then the first of two Aries new moons arrives shortly after the sun enters the sign on March 21. On March 23, Pluto makes its initial move into Aquarius. And then on March 25, Mars moves into Cancer after its exceptionally long stay in Gemini (it entered the sign in mid-August last year). However, it’s going to be even more eventful for me when Jupiter conjoins my descendant.

This aspect occurs once every twelve years. Sometimes it lingers when Jupiter stations or makes a retrograde pass over the point. This time it’s going to speed by in about a week, making this rare event short-lived. Yet I still need to prepare for it. Sometimes Jupiter’s blessings feel as if they come from out of the blue, and someone like me with a Saturnian character doesn’t act quickly enough to take advantage of them.

But I’m not going to let that happen. I already feel as if change is on the horizon for me, and the various interpretations of this event that I have read all point to positive changes happening to me, especially where my career is concerned. “Café Astrology” offers the following prediction:

“This marks the advent of a good time as far as career and social life are concerned. A time of dues-paying is over; real accomplishment is possible now. You may have to sacrifice some of your personal life in order to gain this outward growth.

You come into contact with a wider circle of people at this time. You may become friends or develop an association with an influential person or someone that can help you a great deal.”

That all sounds terrific to me considering everything else that is going on in my chart and the resolutions I have made regarding my professional situation. The “sacrifice” that I may need to make in order to be happier and more-satisfied with my day-to-day life is something that I have been grappling with for quite some time. Admitting to myself that I can adapt to change can be difficult for me to do, but I don’t really fear it right now. With my fifth house highlighted in my horoscope, I’m willing to take some chances.

This all bodes well for me. Hopefully, in a month from now I’ll be publishing posts about how following the stars has allowed me to make all the right decisions. Or maybe I’ll be blogging about how self-deluded I was during Pisces season. I guess I’ll find out soon enough . . .

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