Alana Zimmer (source: Dazed)

Here’s a photo of Alana Zimmer from an old Jean Paul Gaultier couture show. I was scrolling through images of the model after seeing her walk the runway yesterday in the Gaultier/Haider Ackermann presentation. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? In the words of my friend, Sarah Mower, it was “spellbinding.”

Another major event occurred this morning when Venus entered my fifth house. Suddenly, I was transfixed while watching these fashion shows. Instead of feeling jaded and bored (or disgusted by excess), I found myself reveling in the craft of couture. It was as if something in my mindset changed overnight.

Astrologically speaking, something did change. And this evening, something else changes when Venus enters Pisces. It’s amazing how much more I like fashion when my ruling planet is transiting this part of my chart. I feel like my old self again! It’s interesting to note that Venus is also traveling well ahead of the sun while Mercury is traveling behind the sun. That is how the three planets are positioned in my birth chart, and it’s also how the three planets are positioned in the charts of the people to whom I often compare myself on this blog.

I almost feel as if someone flipped a switch and a light came on inside of me; I’m feeling more radiant this morning (which makes sense considering that the fifth house is now being highlighted by this transit). Venus hasn’t even moved into Pisces yet, so I don’t believe that I’m self-deluded in the way that anyone can be when planets that are personalized in their horoscopes transit the sign associated with delusion.

Once again, I’m thrilled with the way that the planets have lined up. 2023 is off to a great start for me!

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