This past week at work has been a mess with people calling in sick, etc. I’ve barely been able to blog because I’ve been getting up at ungodly hours to open the facility when no one else would. I’m going to try to get back some of my overtime, and it would be wise to do that when the sun is making its annual conjunction to my natal Mars tomorrow or the next day. Otherwise, I might just blow my top.

Star Struck Style

Irritability (source:

I’ve had a short fuse for a couple of days. If it wasn’t enough to have transiting Mars squaring my natal Mars during a full moon yesterday, the sun conjoins my natal Mars today.

I think that this would all be okay if I could run around outside, but winter finally arrived where I live and the forecast for the next few weeks looks terrible. I could try to channel this energy into something creative, but I just don’t feel like it. Sitting at this computer forcing myself to write is the last thing I want to do.

My daily horoscope on even alludes to my restlessness. It interprets the sun conjunct Mars transit as follows:

“This is an excellent day for starting a new project, particularly one that you can work on by yourself, without having to take orders or coordinate other people’s actions…

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