Star Struck Style

mary_katrantzouMary Katrantzou (source: Hollywood Reporter)

January 29 is Mary Katrantzou’s birthday.

I discuss Mary Katrantzou a couple of times in “Star Struck Style.” There is something very special — and very Aquarian — about the way that she goes about her own business. I also put her in a category with Christopher Kane and Jonathan Anderson. I believe that they’re all weirdos, but I mean that in the nicest possible way. I like weirdos.

It takes a lot of fortitude to know exactly who you are and to stick to that script. That is the role that Aquarius natives were born to play. Despite all the hoopla surrounding the sign and its relationship to humanitarianism and community, first and foremost it is a fixed sign. I can honestly say that I believe it is the most-fixed sign. With Saturn, the heavyweight of the zodiac, ruling over the sign, fixity…

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