I spent the morning watching the Milan menswear shows, only to discover this post from last year a moment later. I feel exactly the same way today as I did back then: many designers are trying to push a trend that has already been embraced by people who are not buying designer clothes. It’s a Grunge-era redux that will ultimately backfire like it did in the 90s.

Star Struck Style

Big Pants (source: Vogue Runway)

One of the greatest things about growing older is that you get to a point where you understand that your life won’t be any worse if you stop embracing fashion trends. I’m well past that point.

The reason I have that subject on my mind is that I’ve been seeing the big pants trend everywhere, and not just on “Street Style” section of vogue.com. Kids are wearing huge pants. They’re also wearing huge tops and huge shoes. It’s a revolt against the past several years of yoga pants, skinny jeans and mostly-fitted silhouettes. The pendulum has simply swung in the other direction. Even the least-fashionable people amongst us could have seen it coming from a million miles away.

Nevertheless, it’s not a trend I will be embracing. First of all, I’m a fitness trainer and I have been a fitness trainer since the eighties…

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