Tatjana Patitz (source: Instagram)

I was saddened to discover that Tatjana Patitz passed away earlier this week. She was my favorite of the supermodels. There was something about the way that her eyes connected with the camera. It was as if she was looking right at you.

Anyway, for years and years I thought that she was an Aries because practically every site on the internet listed her birthday as March 25, 1966. However, Sam McKnight would send her birthday greetings every year on Instagram on May 25. She would respond just like she did in the screenshot I included above. She was not a social media dynamo, but she did publish a post every now and then, and she occasionally interacted with some of her friends in the fashion business.

“Wikipedia” still has the wrong birthday listed today. I hope that it gets corrected someday. I remember that singer Crystal Waters’ birthday was listed incorrectly, too, because I sent her birthday greetings and she told me that it wasn’t her birthday. I informed her of the error on her page, and she got the date changed moments later. I’ve personally sent in corrections to “Astrotheme” after celebrities have provided me with accurate data via social media, and they have responded quickly and efficiently.

I hope that this one gets changed sometime soon — at least before people start to write posthumous astrological profiles of the model. I’ve made the mistake of constructing a natal chart for a celebrity only to discover that I had the wrong birth information all along. For a while, I thought that I was astro-twins with the Princess of Wales because the chart that was circulating online for a few years listed her rising sign as Libra. She actually has Taurus for a rising sign.

Inaccurate birth times are practically an epidemic on charting sites like “Astrotheme.” Birth dates, however, are rarely wrong on “Wikipedia.” In this case, however, the site is two months off. Tatjana Patitz was a Gemini.

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