Dear Abby (source: Parade)

I published a post a couple of days ago where I described how Mars’ station in Gemini could have all of us sticking our feet in our mouth. That planetary station happens this afternoon, so the advice I offered then is even more pressing today.

I got out of bed a little too early this morning. An incident I experienced at work this week was on my mind. I really wish that I could react to it, but the stars are telling me to bide my time and shut my mouth. Even “Café Astrology,” my own personal “Dear Abby,” suggests the same in today’s daily forecast:

“Mars energy hangs heavy in the air today and in the next couple of days as Mars changes direction. Slowly but surely, over the coming weeks, we are likely to regain our enthusiasm, projects that have stalled move forward, and we begin to feel more confident and assertive. We may change our minds about recent decisions or projects as priorities become more explicit. Ideally, we’ve learned more about our desires, and motivation levels increase. As the shift occurs today, it’s best to wait and see.”

Of course, Mars is turning direct in Gemini, and the individual who is making me see red at work is a Gemini. But I’m Capricorn, and I implicitly know that “it’s best to wait and see.” So, that’s what I’m going to do.

On the bright side, Saturn forms its final trine with my natal Jupiter tomorrow and Venus forms a conjunction with my natal Venus. Everything should be going my way just as long as the rest of you don’t ruin it for me!

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