Feet (source: pexels.com)

With Mars stuck in the sky around 8° Gemini for the next few days, there is going to be big “foot in the mouth” energy in the universe.

My suggestion to stay out of trouble over the next week or so is to avoid being the individual who manages to fit both feet and a pair of legs into their own mouth. Just shut up, especially if you are someone with personalized points or planets hovering around that 8° mark in any of the mutable signs. The potential for you to engage in needless confrontations is already in the stars, so why make it worse by defending an indefensible position?

Of course, 8° in any of the twelve signs is sort a “dead zone” in my natal chart (I’ve discussed that degree a few times on this blog). For that reason, I’m just going to keep on talking and talking and talking. What could possibly go wrong?

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