Who’s the Boss (source: People)

Mercury stations at about 8° Capricorn in a couple of days from now. For much of the week, that means that issues that involve our perception of which rung we occupy on the corporate ladder might be skewed. This is not the right time to engage in a power play or to exert undue force over individuals who might become our superiors someday.

Mars just went direct at about the same degree in Gemini. Mercury’s station in Capricorn means that the planet will form a quincunx with Mars. There will be tension between the two heavenly bodies manifested as “nothing in common” energy that will pervade the universe this week. Trying to find common ground will be nearly impossible for anyone with these planets personalized in their horoscopes.

My advice is to take a back seat to anyone who would use this star-crossed period to make a power play. The likelihood of them slipping and falling off the corporate ladder is heightened all week long. No one is going to be “failing upward” right now, but some of us might be able to move up a rung or two in a week from now when a vacancy presents itself.

Be patient if you’re still wondering “who’s the boss” near the end of the week. Everything is about to change.

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