Uranus (source: Forbes)

Retrograde Uranus will form an exact trine with my natal sun tomorrow. This aspect already occurred once a few months ago, but now it’s repeating just before Uranus is about to station. Until the end of March, the aspect will be within orb.

My horoscope on “Astrodienst” calls its interpretation of the rare transit “Hungry for Change.” It reads as follows:

“Sometimes it is very upsetting to make fundamental changes in your life. But at other times you feel that change is creative and exciting, and this is one of those times. You are eager for change and hope it will lead you to a life that is more exciting, interesting and alive. You look to new ideas and new experiences for insights that will make your life more real. Consequently this is an excellent time to begin studying disciplines that will allow you to develop and grow as a human being. Such disciplines can include encounter or group therapy, yoga or other spiritual disciplines, astrology or any other subject that allows you to see yourself in a new light and to grow in consciousness.

You may encounter new relationships, new friends or even a new love that will allow you to be yourself more than ever before. Your everyday being is compatible with change now, and you are hungry for it in every possible way.

This is a good time to adopt a new physical regimen — a new exercise program, new health habits or a different kind of nutrition — that will allow your body to grow and develop. Break out of old physical habits that have been damaging your body. You might conceivably be able to quit smoking or drop some other physically debilitating habit at this time.

You will be successful in every way that you reach out to encounter new experience. Do not allow conservatism or insecurity to deprive you of this great opportunity. Now you can make changes that will make your life better later on.”

This is a very encouraging forecast. Uranus is personalized in my chart by its placement in the eleventh house. I’ve also noticed profound events in my life occurring while Uranus has moved over house cusps, so I hope that this is an “event” in every sense of the word. I could use a cosmic kick in the ass!

Anyway, for anyone born around the same time as me, Uranus will be forming a trine with its own natal position shortly after it moves out of its current position. My entire generation will be looking forward to positive changes in our lives throughout 2023 and 2024. My “Astrodienst” forecast also describes that transit:

“This influence represents a point when you look back over what you have accomplished in life. You try to evaluate and understand exactly what you have learned and what it means for you personally. It is no longer enough to have the approval of others; you need the approval of yourself as well.

If your life does not stand up to your analysis, you may decide to make certain changes. You may choose a very early retirement from your profession so that you can go off in a completely new direction, one that will give you more personal satisfaction. You will be interested in new ways of dealing with your life that help you succeed purely in your own terms.

No matter what you are doing now and after this time, allow yourself these experiences so you can learn what you need to make your life really fulfilling. In a few years from now, you may have to make much more radical changes then in order to improve your life, if you can make them at all.”

I’m quite excited about what these transits might bring me and everyone else born in 1965 and 1966. I’m even more excited that the transit of Uranus to my sun will offer me a head start. I need to thank my lucky stars that the year ahead is already looking so promising!

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