Break (source:

I was just looking at my chart to see why I don’t want to go to work today. However, there’s nothing there to tell me that I should stay home. Oh well!

I really feel as if I need a break, and thankfully I’m going to get one. Until the first week of January, I don’t work more than two days in a row even one time.

The sun is about to make its annual opposition to my natal Jupiter. Perhaps that transit has me feeling like I can’t get through this day quickly enough. However, looking at my old posts makes me realize that I’m typically eager to get away this time of year. I always talk about booking a holiday around Christmas, and then I never do it.

Perhaps that’s something that I should explore in the new year. Yesterday, I published a post where I discussed how good my horoscope looks in May. Maybe I need to look even further into 2023 and see if a real vacation is in my stars. That seems like the right thing to do while the stars are lined up like this, doesn’t it?

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