Wow! I was so well-adjusted last year on this day.

Star Struck Style

Triangle Pose (source:

Transiting Jupiter makes its final trine to my natal Jupiter this evening, ending a cycle that began in the spring of this year.

Trines are harmonious aspects that indicate support. In this case, this uncommon alignment indicates “opportunity” more than anything else. While I can see a few opportunities on the horizon, I kind of wish that those opportunities were more obvious to me. I want someone to call to offer me a new job. I want someone to stumble across my blog and hire me to write horoscopes for the magazine they edit, or ask me to co-host their astrology podcast. I want to win the lottery tonight.

Unfortunately, there seems to be some subtlety to this aspect. I can feel “support” coming to me from a lot of different directions, and for that reason the current cosmic climate sort of reminds me of…

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