Triangle Pose (source:

Transiting Jupiter makes its final trine to my natal Jupiter this evening, ending a cycle that began in the spring of this year.

Trines are harmonious aspects that indicate support. In this case, this uncommon alignment indicates “opportunity” more than anything else. While I can see a few opportunities on the horizon, I kind of wish that those opportunities were more obvious to me. I want someone to call to offer me a new job. I want someone to stumble across my blog and hire me to write horoscopes for the magazine they edit, or ask me to co-host their astrology podcast. I want to win the lottery tonight.

Unfortunately, there seems to be some subtlety to this aspect. I can feel “support” coming to me from a lot of different directions, and for that reason the current cosmic climate sort of reminds me of another trine: the yoga pose called “trikonasana,” or triangle pose. The thing about triangle pose is that every time you do it, you find another way to master it. The support comes from every direction: you tense up one muscle here and another one relaxes over there. That makes you realize that you’ve redistributed your weight, so you adjust your feet accordingly and sink deeper into the pose as a result. That makes you readjust your alignment in the sagittal plane because you realize that you’ve shifted it into the transverse plane. Each little tweak gets you a little closer to perfection while making you aware that you will never actually get there. Nevertheless, the pose provides you with the opportunity to understand how the support you need develops when you allow it to develop.

I’ve got too much going for me to worry about whether or not this aspect will bring me some fabulous opportunity out-of-the-blue. The opportunities I’ve created for myself by constantly tweaking my behavior to ensure that my future would be better are already here. I’m a sure-footed Capricorn with flexibility to spare, so I just need to keep adjusting, shifting and adapting my position until everything feels right. Good things come to those who are prepared to accept them, and I am prepared.

Also, I still need to win the lottery tonight. Do you hear that, Jupiter?

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