Star Struck Style

red-cannaRed Canna (source:

November 15 is Georgia O’Keeffe’s birthday.

In 2014, a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe sold for $44.4 million USD, setting an auction record for a work by a woman. When I read something like that, my mind always travels back to Camille Paglia’s “Sexual Personae” and the author’s theories about why there has not been a lot of renowned female artists. I need to stick my head back into that book and see how it has aged.

But I digress! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I looked up Georgia O’Keeffe’s natal chart. Would she have a particularly masculine chart?

Well, she doesn’t. In fact, she’s got a Scorpio sun, moon and Mercury in the first house with Scorpio rising. Jupiter in Scorpio is also nearly conjunct her ascendant from the twelfth house. Mars, Scorpio’s ruling planet, is in Virgo, not far from her midheaven…

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