Zodiac (pexels.com)

Over the next week, the cosmic climate will undergo a big change. Venus moved into Sagittarius this morning. Mercury will follow it there tomorrow. The sun moves into the same sign next Tuesday, followed by a new moon in the sign on Wednesday. Within three minutes of that event, Jupiter — the planet that rules over Sagittarius —will turn direct.

I’m thrilled about the upcoming changes because the current climate has me behaving in a somewhat Scorpionic manner, meaning that I’m having a difficult time not being able to let anything go. I’m a little obsessive over some difficulties I’m experiencing professionally and I don’t like it. I’ve always asserted that Scorpio natives can become consumed by something of little or no consequence, and that it can take a miracle to get them to let go of something. They can hold a grudge forever.

Sagittarius can be a much lighter place. Sagittarius natives might get into fights with everyone they meet, but they typically forgive and forget in the same breath. I’d like to stop obsessing over my current difficulties. Now that the sun has moved out of orb from its annual conjunction with my natal Neptune, I’m not waking up at night thinking about my troubles at work. I got a good night’s sleep last night for the first time in a week. That recurring event definitely exacerbated my inability to let go of my problems and it left me feeling like a Scorpio native at his worst.

So, I’m optimistic about this change in weather — as one should be when Sagittarius and Jupiter are the topics of conversation. A big change is on the horizon, and I couldn’t be more eager to see what this new season brings.

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