Alexander McQueen (source:

I saw a belt at Simons a few weeks ago. It was studded with grommets and it reminded me of a belt I wore in the early nineties. I looked it up online afterward to see how much it was, and now it’s been haunting me in the sponsored ads that pop up every time I go online. I’m going to go buy it today. Just a couple of days ago, I saw this beautiful jacket decorated with grommets on the Alexander McQueen website, and that convinced me that this resurrected trend from years ago is here to stay.

I’m ready to get out of my house, anyway. Venus entered Sagittarius yesterday morning and Mercury moved into the same sign today. Suddenly, I need to get moving. I’m going to wear my Alexander McQueen hoodie that I probably haven’t worn in a year, too. There’s no point in collecting a wardrobe of beautiful clothes if they’re just going to sit in my closet.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m eager to embrace this change in the cosmic weather. I seem to be less focused upon my problems at work and more eager to just enjoy my time while I’m off the clock.

And for that reason, I’m done blogging for today . . .

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