Ha! I was in a mood when I wrote this post.

Star Struck Style

The Original Karen (source: Vox)

Yesterday at work, my boss discovered that I have a secret career. He then Googled my name and went down a rabbit hole, reading a million old things I’ve written while I was trying to work. He also came across a bad review of my twenty-year-old book, “Cosmically Chic,” on Amazon.

It’s the second bad review I’ve got on Amazon for a book that was written several years ago. I don’t why anyone would be compelled to put in their two cents about an out-of-print book that includes relatively ancient fashion advice, but to each their own!

To me, it’s kind of funny because both bad reviews I’ve read make the stupidest points. The first one that someone posted a few years ago mentioned how anyone could get the same information online nowadays. Of course, when my first book was published in 2000 I…

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