Pisces (source: Wikimedia)

Retrograde Jupiter moves back into Pisces tomorrow for a seven-week stay. What that means for many of us is that our grip on reality might be challenged if we don’t make a conscious effort to hold on to it.

People often forget that the constellation of Pisces represents two fishes swimming in opposite directions connected by a cord. Now imagine one of those fishes swimming back into the murky waters of Pisces while the other one is fighting to get back to the swift-moving, straightforward stream represented by Aries. If it were not for the cord that connects them, they might both be lost. One would swim off into the abyss, and the other would move headfirst into uncharted waters.

That cord that tethers these two fishes to one another is often overlooked. However, over the next few weeks, it should be the focus of anyone who has either Jupiter or the sign of Pisces personalized in their horoscope. Hanging onto that cord despite what your instincts are telling you to do is what will keep you from going in too deep.

Self-evaluation is typically a good thing, but during this brief period, looking inward may prove to be counter-productive. Avoid drugs and alcohol as a gateway to self-discovery. Avoid self-diagnosis of health problems, too — both mental and physical. Mars’ simultaneous station in Gemini could have us misinterpreting instructions and accepting opinions as facts even more than usual. Our first impulse during this Mars station may be to distrust whatever is being presented to us.

That would be a mistake, though. For the next few weeks, we all need to get a grip in order to figure out what’s real and what’s fake. Whatever you do, don’t let go of reality now. You might not ever come back.

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